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to The Cave 

Entrance to the Cave

"There is a real ethereal sound to Bear Beat’s discography that makes me feel like I’ve been captured and carried into another dimension."

"Bear Beat crafts a tune like the world was meant to hear it on repeat." 


"Following in the footsteps of other artists such as Bonobo and Ross From Friends with his dynamic direction, he continues to cement himself as one of the more adventurous names on the scene right now"

Mystic Sons

maui statue

"When you close your eyes and surrender to the music, you are instantly carried away to a celestial world, as if you were flying in a cosmic starship on a spectacular adventure."

Suinusidal music


No eyes will raise to heaven. The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madman will be believed brave, and the wicked esteemed as good.


“Wherefore each of you, when his turn comes, must go down to the general underground abode, and get the habit of seeing in the dark.”

mugshot of bear beat

Bear Beat Is a Producer, DJ & Beat Maker.


He is boundary free of genre and a dark mystical fantasy with a purpose of drawing emotion and meaning in all his work. . 

"His ability to merge captivating soundscapes with haunting melodies is second to none. It transports you to a unique sound universe, stirring emotions and challenging conventions."

Iggy Magazine


bear on a dark  road
vanity pose

Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind and has given up worrying once and for all

Time slipping away

"With his unique approach and boundary-pushing sound, Bear Beat is an artist who leaves a lasting mark on the world of electronic music" 
Plastic Magazine

letter of hope

"Bear Beat comes across as a name oozing with creative intrigue," Flex

Bear Beat with a guitar

the talented producer creates with the intention to invite us to reflect on our own personal journeys, and his music encourages us to do just that.


One of Bear Beat’s remarkable abilities lies in his capacity to blend elements from disparate genres, creating a unique and unconventional musical tapestry. elements of drum and bass, dubstep, progressive house, trance and even inflections of metal coalesce in his harmonious yet daring compositions.

"Plastic Magazine"


It’s in my heart.... It’s in my mind.... It’s in my soul... Music has a way of taking control of my entire being.... and I’m perfectly okay with that.... 


Music is Life.


Music is LOVE.


Music IS emotion.

Music is me.

city at night
picture of men
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